Prohire - Purpose of attributes and how to create them

To show you how to create and define custom attribute fields for use in your Vehicle and Client records. These fields can be made mandatory, and they can also be made searchable from the Vehicle and Client screens.


1. First, to access the Attributes screen you will need to follow the below path:
    1. Tools > Setup > Advanced Setup > Attributes 

    Quick Setup

    2. Upon entering this screen, you will find the screen divided into two sections. The first section labelled Filter allows you to see all the attributes that have been created for each entity type, i.e.. Client and Vehicle. 


    3. Each entity type has a couple of pre-set criteria against which you can create your Attributes, for example the Client Entity allows you to create attributes against Private or Company clients or against both. While the Vehicle Entity allows you to create attributes for your Vehicle Categories or you can create them specific Vehicle models. 


    Figure 1 This field displays the name of the Attribute or Group under the Entity and it relevant entity criteria. 

    4. To create a new attribute, you will need to click the ‘New Attribute’ button which will then allow you to enter the required Attribute Details on the right-hand side. This is also where you will be able to configure if the attribute is mandatory/searchable within the relevant screens. 


    a. Caption: The name of the attribute. 
    b. Searchable: Shows you whether this attribute will appear in the relevant entity search screen. 
    c. Mandatory: Shows you whether this attribute is a mandatory field within the Entity. 
    d. Internal Field: Tick this box if you would like it to store its information in an existing field within the database. 


    e. Field Type: From the drop down box select the type of attribute you want, e.g. Yes/ No box, Date box etc 

    f. Default Value: Set the default value that will automatically appear in this attribute.
    g. Save: saves the changes you have made for the selected attribute 

    h. Cancel: Cancel any changes you have made to the highlighted attribute. 


    5. On the Menu bar in the Attributes screen you have several options 


    a. Save: Save any changes or additions you have made in this screen.

    b. New Group: Create a Group under which you can place either existing or newly created attributes.

    c. New Attribute: Create a new attribute for the entity you have selected. 

    d. Delete: Remove an existing Attribute from the system. 
    e. Move Up or Down: Move the highlighted Attribute or Group up or down the list 


    6. After making any changes in this screen click Save to retain these changes or the X in the top right-hand corner without saving the changes.