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Daily Diary - How to save a specific user layout and re-load it

The daily Diary allows you to see an overview of all vehicles either going on hire or being returned. Prohire allows you to change the columns to your requirements.

Accessing the daily Diary

You can access the Daily Diary from two locations –

The first is from the front screen of Prohire.

The next is from the Allocation Chart.

The Daily Diary will then appear.

Altering the Daily Diary Layout

To access the Daily Diary editor press Alt+F12 on your keyboard. The following menu should appear.

You can then rearrange the columns by dragging and dropping to your requirements.

Once you are happy with the custom layout select Save on the Editor menu.

Name the file to your requirements and select Save.


Loading your custom Daily Diary Layout

Each time you load the Daily Diary the view will reset back to the default view.

To load your custom view, open the Daily Diary editor (Alt+F12 on your keyboard), then select Load.

Select the custom template which you previously saved, select Open.

Your custom view will then load.

You can create an unlimited number of custom views.