1. Prohire

Daily Diary - Marking vehicle as READY

To provide a structured how-to guide on marking a vehicle as the ‘Ready’ status from within the daily diary window within Prohire Desktop and touch on a number of the possible benefits this may bring in the daily running of the rental desk of a hire


From the front screen of Prohire, select ‘Daily Diary’ at the top of the window.


Once in the daily diary, you will want to select a record within it and click ‘View Vehicle’ in the top tool bar as outlined in the image above.


This will open the vehicle record where you will need to perform a pre-rental check to mark the vehicle as ready to go out on hire.

Once this check has been done the vehicle’s status will update to ‘Ready’ to show that is has now been checked over and is ready to be rented out to the next appropriate customer.