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Daily Diary – Usage for “what’s happening tomorrow / any future day"

This document will show you how to use the Daily Diary to forward plan ahead of time. You can follow this to plan for tomorrow or any future day.

By default, the Daily Diary date will filter to look at the current day. But you have the ability to move this date forward to a future date as per the below:


When doing this, the Daily Diary will display the tasks for that particular day. This can be useful if you are trying to get head of workload or planning ahead of time.



Using the Daily Diary in this way will allow you to pre-prep the vehicles for tomorrow by creating and completing Pre-Rental Inspections in advance of the customer turning up for their booking which will make the process much easier for you and your customers.


All to Date

We would recommend using the ‘All to Date’ function as this will show you all historical outstanding tasks that you need to complete. This is alongside the current tasks you are completing.

It will also mean that you keep your bookings up to date and prevent tasks from being missed ie. Forgetting to check in a Returned booking (no invoice/final invoice not generated until Checked In).


This setting can also be enabled by default by going to:

Tools > Setup > System Setup > Alloc Chart and Daily Diary > All To Date > Save.