POL - How to add / remove payment merchants

To provide a comprehensive look into how you can add and remove payment merchants on your Prohire system. A payment merchant is a service that allows businesses to to accept funds from their customers for product(s) and / or services.

Firstly, you will want to navigate your way through Tools > Setup > Display POL Setup.


Once you are within your Prohire Online (POL) Setup you will want to select ‘Payment Merchants’ under ‘Setup’.


This will display all of the payment merchants that you have setup on your system, if you are yet to set one up, then you won’t have anything appear here. To add a new payment merchant, select ‘Add Merchant’.


This is the ‘Add Payment Merchant’ window which will allow you to select the merchant type you would like to add / setup.



After selecting one and proceeding, you will be presented with the below screen, after entering the required information (the compulsory ones outlined in red) and selecting the optional items at the bottom, you can click save to finish the addition.


Regarding removing the payment merchant(s) there isn’t a delete or make inactive button. However, what you can do under the ‘Hire Company’ section on the left hand side of the POL window, in the toolbar there is an option within the ‘Merchant Account’ drop-down for ‘Do not take gateway payments’, as seen below.