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Prohire - Checking out a booking

To guide you through the step-by-step process from beginning to end to check out a booking on Prohire desktop.


Building upon prior knowledge from previous training and initial implementation calls from the Prohire support team to successfully take your hire from ‘Booking’ stage to ‘On Hire’.


Checking out a vehicle takes place from within the Booking / Rental screen and whereby the Booking status is ‘CONFIRMED’ which occurs once the booking has been confirmed after coming through usually as an enquiry. There are, however, two methods for accessing the booking screen in order to check it out, the first and arguably easiest method is to go through the Daily Diary from the front screen of Prohire and the other method is to locate the booking by using the Allocation Chart also from the front screen (top left, by vehicle).

The first step with the Booking / Rental screen once all booking details within are correct on the booking, ensuring all the necessary payments, adding charges etc. is to click the “Check Out” button located in the bottom right corner of the screen.

At this point you may receive a pop-up stating that you must take full payment before the booking can be checked out. Although, this won’t be the case if the client is an account client. If you select Cancel you will exit the Check Out process and will be returned to the Booking / Rental screen. If you click OK you will be taken automatically into the Payments screen where you can take any necessary payments and / or deposits that are outstanding.

You will then be taken to the Pre-Rental Check screen, the mandatory fields on this screen are all highlighted in yellow to indicate that this will need completing before you are able to proceed. However, here you also have the chance to enter any damage that exists on the vehicle or for any equipment that is being provided with the vehicle. You also have the chance to print a Check Sheet from this screen. Having entered all the vehicle’s check out details, click Save to proceed.

Once you are finished with the Pre-Rental Check screen you will be taken to the insurance questions screen where you can verify on the system the customer’s responses to said questions answered. This screen will inevitably be shown for the additional drivers on the booking and also when private clients have been assigned to the booking. After noting the responses in the boxes supplied on the right, click OK to proceed to the next step.

The next screen relates to the Secondary Identification screen. In the yellow highlighted mandatory box, please enter in any of the additional identification that the customer may have given you. Following this, click on “Proceed with Check Out” after entering the information in the Second ID field.

You are then presented with a screen with a print option which will enable you to print the rental agreement for the booking for the customer to sign or click “Close” to return to the main Booking / Rental screen. On returning to the booking screen its status will have changed to ON HIRE and a number of buttons and screen options will have been greyed out because the rental is now on hire. After coming out of the rental you will now find the rental would have disappeared from the Daily Diary and it will show up in below if you look on the Allocation Chart.