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Daily Diary - How to enable / use hyperlinks

To show you how to enable and use the hyperlinks that appear at the bottom of the daily diary.

The Daily Diary hyperlinks can be a useful tool for your Rental Company to ensure that all outstanding interim bills have been accepted and then following from there it allows you to ensure you have emailed/printed and posted your invoices.


Enabling the Daily Diary Hyperlinks

To enable the daily diary hyperlinks you will need to go to the below:

  • Tools > Setup > System Setup > Alloc Chart & Daily Diary

From here you should tick the boxes as per the below and then press Save.


Using the Daily Diary hyperlinks

The first option is Outstanding Interim Bills, and this is the total number of interim bills for your site that is currently waiting to be accepted. Clicking the hyperlink will take you to the Inteirm BIlls screen which will show the bills waiting to be accpeted.


Next, we have the Unprinted Invoices, which shows you all the invoices that have been generated but have not yet been printed.


The final hyperlink visible in this status bar is Unposted Invoices. This tells you the number of invoices that are on your system that have not been exported to your accounts package.


Typically, most rental Companies would use the Outhandling Interim Bills option to accept the bills, then they will move to the next step and email/print the invoices for their customers on the Unprinted Invoices section and finally the last option is a good visual indicator to know how many invoices have not yet been exported to the accounts package.