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How To Extend a Booking

There will be occasions when a customer would like to extend their current ON HIRE rentals. This guide will show you to extend a booking without the need of closing the old booking down and opening a new one.

How To Extend a Booking

When a booking is ON HIRE a new button will become available on the bottom of the booking screen, called ‘Extend Hire’. This button is used to extend ther booking.

  1. Select ‘Extend Hire’
  2. On the ‘Change Check In’ window update the details as required.

There are various ways to input the length of extension.

  1. New Charge To: Select the date and time from the ‘New Charge To’ field.
  2. Booking Length (days): The new total length of the booking (including the original booking length).
  3. Extend by (days): The number of days you want to add to the booking.

Enter any required information in the notes field.

Select ‘OK’ to confirm the details.


OK & Mobile Signing

If you wish to create a mobile job to send to the customer for remote signing, select ‘OK & Mobile Signing’.

Complete the below as required. If you wish to send this remotely to the customer select ‘Assign to guest’ this will allow you to enter the email address you wish to send the job to.

  1. If the client has an email address stored in the client record this will automatically pull through.

Once you’re happy with the details select ‘Create mobile Job’.

  1. Once the customer has completed the mobile job can view the signed document by selecting ‘View Documents’.