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Prohire - GDPR - Redacting client details

This document will show you how to redact client information on Prohire.

1. First you should navigate to the below on Prohire:
    1. Tools > GDPR > GDPR Data Management


2. From here view the clients available for redaction will appear. You can select the client(s) that are available for redaction. Once selected click the Schedule Redaction

    1. A prompt will appear to confirm you are happy to redact the clients.
      1. This will delete ALL data of these clients. This CANNOT be undone.
    2. You can only redact clients that are highlighted in Red.


3. Providing you are happy to continue, press ‘Yes’ and the client details will be redacted from Prohire.
    1. When redacting clients details, the bookings/invoices etc. linked to the client will still exist on your system but instead of showing the client details it will show REDACTED in the relevant fields.