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Prohire - Reseting your password

Purpose To portray how a valid user on Prohire is able to reset their password in the event of them forgetting their existing password, wanting to change their longstanding password or something similar.





From the front screen of Prohire after logging in, you will need to navigate through to Tools > Setup > Quick setup from the top of the screen.

Once you are within the quick setup screen you will go to tab 7 called users and this will display all users and their roles on the left hand side of the window.

Simply select the user that you need to change the password for by clicking on their name and either double click their name or single click their name and click the ‘View User’ button at the bottom to open the user window.

Toward the bottom of this pop up you will see a button labelled as ‘Reset Password’. Clicking on this will present you with a window stating that the user’s password has been reset to the fullname. This means that the password has been set to be the same as the user’s username as it appears in the login window when logging into Prohire as you usuall would.

Side note:
This password will need to be entered exactly as it displays in the username box / field. This includes the need for any spaces and capital letters as the field is case sensitive also. One way to ensure that this works first time is to copy and paste the username field contents into the password field and clicking okay which will present you with the enter new password window.

After this, all you need do is log in with the reset password and a window will appear for you to set your password to something more memorable.