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Prohire - Search for an audit point within Security

This document will show you how search for an audit point within Security. Prior to searching for an audit point you will have needed to set auditing up – please follow our separate guide on how to do this.

1. First you should navigate to the below:
    1. Tools > Security > Show Security
      1. You will be prompted to enter your password, if you do not have the required permissions then please contact an administrator.

2. Next you should click on the audit tab on the toolbar.


3. You will then be able to use the search bar/parameters at the bottom of the window to search for specific audit points. You can search via the below:

    1. Date Period
    2. Username
    3. Item Name (audit point)
    4. Combination of the above


4. In the example below I have searched for all instances where the user ‘Paul’ has used the Confirm button within the booking across a period of two months.


5. You can also export or print the results of your audit point search by using the buttons on the bottom toolbar.