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How to take a payment in a booking

This guide will walk you through how to take a payment on a booking.


POL - Prohire Online


From within the booking screen you will have a button on the bottom left of the page called action payments.

Click that button and prohire will bring up the prohire online (POL) payments screen.

Once POL is open you will be able to click the blue “Take payment” button in the top right side of the page. You will then be presented with a box like below.

From here you can change the payee name, the amount, what type of payment it is and what currency to take the payment in.for this example I have left everything populated with what the system believes I would like to charge. Once you click next you will be presented with the below screen.

This screen will allow you to choose the method of payment. If you have a gateway setup you will be able to choose the option for your gateway “New Card”. If you are simply recording payments offline you can select one of the offline methods. Once you are happy with your selection simply click “Take payment”. This will add the payment line on to the pol payments screen like below.