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Prohire – How to refleet a defleeted vehicle

This document will show you how to refleet a defleeted vehicle. You may need to do this if a vehicle is returning to your fleet, or if it had been defleeted incorrectly.

1. To refleet a vehicle that you have previously defleeted to need to go to the ‘Vehicles’ button.


2. Once you have clicked on the ‘Vehicles’ button, the vehicle search dialog will appear. If you know the registration you can enter this now and ensure the ‘Off Fleet’ checkbox is the only field ticked under the status column.
    1. If you do not know the registration, then you can just tick the ‘Off Fleet’ checkbox and leave everything else as it is – this will pull through all off-fleet vehicles on your system.



3. You can the double click on the registration that you would like to refleet. This will bring up the vehicle record as per the below.




4. You can then refleet the vehicle by pressing on the ‘Refleet’ button on the top ribbon. A prompt will appear confirming you would like to proceed with this – click OK to continue.


5. Once you have done this, the status of the vehicle will update to ‘AVAIALABLE’ and you can then click the Save button to finalise this.