Setup – Prohire On Line (POL)

This document will show you how to configure the Prohire On Line (POL) page within System Setup on your system.

To access the Prohire On Online (POL) configuration page you must navigate to:

Tools > Setup > System Setup > Prohire On Line (POL).


Then navigate to the ‘Prohire On Line (POL)’ page.


Store Last Logged in POL User: When this setting is enabled, it will cache the last logged in users password for the specified time. This means that you will not be required to enter your password when navigating from the Desktop software into the Prohire On Line screens.

You have the ability to configure how long (in hours) you would like the last login to be valid for.


Note: If you log out of the system during this time, then the password would need to be re-entered and re-cached again before entering the Prohire On Line screens.


Warning: It is advisable that your computer is locked when left un-attended with this setting enabled to prevent un-authorised access to the Prohire On Line screens.